Future of Cyber Security – How Artificial Intelligence Gives an Edge

Future of Cyber Security – How Artificial Intelligence Gives an Edge

Do you know that there is a growing risk of cyber-attack – every time you connect to the internet from the computer? The entire organization could be vulnerable if the threat is aimed at your business. No matter how big or small your business is, every organization must invest in AI, which is the future of cyber security.

AI-Powered cybersecurity solutions have become a buzz word in recent years. It is the talk of the town because of the impact of cyber-attack on organizations. The cost of cyber-attack is immense, and hence, companies need to take proactive measures to prevent cyber-attack.

When it comes to AI and cybersecurity, there is a series of companies providing AI integrated cybersecurity solutions that help secure data.

How AI is going to change cybersecurity practices?

There are many cyber security practices that companies adopt to protect their business data. Today, companies are focusing more on the security of the internal network to protect big data.

Firewall protection

A firewall is one of the common tactics for network protection. The job of the firewall is to track the network connections that are allowed on different ports and block their request. The server administers the control of firewall policies and adjusts them via a change management process.

In case the hacker circumvents the firewall and network security, the next step is to use an anti-virus tool that removes the malware before it can spread to other machines. The future firewalls will have ML capabilities that help them recognize the patterns of web requests and block suspicious activities.

Identifying malware

Artificial intelligence is playing a key role in combating malicious software and other threats. It can do a lot than just adding samples of the malware to your security system. It protects your organization by detecting future or similar versions of the malware.

For example – the Ransomware is a type of malicious software that started targeting e-commerce and online banking platforms. Due to crypto-attack, many investors lost millions of dollars.  Cybersecurity solutions powered with artificial intelligence can make more sense to invest.

Password authentication

When it comes to security, passwords have been a fragile control. There act as a barrier between our accounts and cybercriminals. Most of us often use the same password across multiple accounts and platforms. The biometric authentication has become popular in recent years but is not much convenient and safe.

There have been many improvements in the password manager. Developers are using AI to get rid of password issues. Soon, AI could take us into the zone of any online world without the need for passwords.


Today, the majority of cybersecurity tools require human interaction at some point. However, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity has changed the entire scenario. In the coming years, companies are likely to rely on smart tools to prevent cyber-attacks.

The natural language capabilities of artificial intelligence help in identifying how cyberattacks originate and suggest appropriate solutions.

The key idea of integrating AI into the cybersecurity of the business is to track every user within the organization based on their privileges. Any deviation from the norms would be considered suspicious.

Investing in the best cybersecurity system is necessary for businesses of all sizes. The tools based on AI and ML are the future of cyber security as they are extremely helpful in determining the patterns and uncovering incidents that are beyond human imagination. They prove their worth in the long run by protecting your organization from threats and reducing risks.









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