Prevent Cyber Attacks with AI Driven Cyber Security

Prevent Cyber Attacks with AI Driven Cyber Security

Cybercriminals are affecting more than 2,00,000 computers every year. It may include threats like –  Malware,  data breach, unauthorized access and so on.  In order to recover the lost data,   the organizations need to purchase special decryption software sold by the attackers.   One can successfully prevent cyber attacks by adopting the latest trends in cybersecurity.

The ransomware not only affects individuals and organizations,  but also many banks,  schools,  telecom departments, and even delivery service providers.  According to sources,   cyber-attacks are causing a loss of around $4  billion every year.  Even high profile companies with strong cybersecurity protocols aren’t immune to cyber attacks.

Fortunately,  machine learning and artificial intelligence are picking up some slack. They use algorithms of previous data set to make assumptions about the behavior of the computer.  The AI-powered devices can make assumptions about the behavior of the computer and perform functions that it has not been explicitly programmed.

What exactly is the AI solution?

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are a boon to cybersecurity. They have the ability to sort through millions of files and identify potentially dangerous ones.   Machine learning,  a subset of artificial intelligence is increasingly used to uncover threats and automatically prevent them before they create havoc.  According to cybersecurity experts, cybercriminals use hazardous malware to infect millions of computers.  The attacks can be successfully stopped by employing multiple layers of machine learning algorithms.

In addition to early detection,  artificial intelligence and machine learning scans for vulnerabilities in the network and prevents cyber attacks.  According to sources – more than 30% of the chief information security officers relay on AI as ethical hackers always look for new ways to exploit security vulnerabilities.

Some of the popular companies that use artificial intelligence to bolster their cybersecurity systems are –  Microsoft, Chronicle, Splunk, SQRRL, Blackberry, Demisto, etc.

How is the success rate of AI in cybersecurity?

The cybersecurity systems generate huge volumes of data and it’s no wonder that machine learning algorithms can quickly scan large amounts of data.  From image recognition to speech recognition,  AI and ML are surging in multiple sectors.  Although Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the two powerful tools to prevent cyber attacks, experts say that human intervention is still important.  There are groups of Cybercriminals who can learn everything from the data.

Depending on AI and ML completely can create a false sense of safety.  That’s why,  IT organizations should employee cybersecurity experts,  data scientists, and networking engineers – in addition to AI and ML solutions.  The current AI solutions in cybersecurity can supplement human effort. However, it is not likely to replace them.

However, as technology is becoming more prevalent in the coming years –  we can expect AI and ML technologies to play a key role in preventing cyber attacks.





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