Data Science

Data Science : Garner Great Benefits by Transforming Information into Knowledge

AI Cyber Solutions focusses on providing an effective data science service by making use of big data, business intelligence, AI, and ML to derive higher value solutions for our customers. We enable our customers to reap high profits from the insights obtained with the help of the latest technologies and trends baked into big data.  

We give utmost importance to customer relationships; hence we strive to derive the best value for the money you spend on this service. Our service extends beyond simply offering a solution as we render our support until the project becomes a complete success. Training your employees to adapt to the solution provided is our responsibility.  

Data Science

Data Science Tools that Can Make Your Business a Grand Success



It’s a software we use to search, monitor, and analyze large volumes of data using a web-style interface. Splunk captures, indexes, and correlates the real-time data to provide alerts, visualizations, and dashboards. 

elk stack

ELK Stack

This tool permits you to gather data from various sources in any format and to search, examine, and visualize those data in real-time. It offers centralized logging to let you identify issues with apps or services while attempting. 

cognos analytics

Cognos Analytics

We leverage the Cognos Analytics tool to allow your organization to integrate analysis, modeling, dashboards, reporting, and event management. Its primary objective is to let you understand your enterprise data to make informed decisions.  

qlick sense

Qlik Sense

It offers a clean interface to construct data exploration and visualization applications. Qlik Sense renders a wide selection of tables, charts, and visualizations as the data by itself get indexed for searching and exploration.  



This tool is used to perform self-service analytics, that can work as Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) tools within the framework using an instinctive user interface. It does complex analytics involving spatial, statistical, and predictive analysis. 

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Why Choose Data Science?

Better Decisions

You can empower your business processes by making informed decisions with the help of quantifiable, data-based evidence.

Define Goals

Data science plays a huge role in identifying the latest trends and patterns which helps in directing the business actions.

Identify Target Audience

One of the main purposes of data science is to identify the target audience for your business by carefully analyzing the past and current data.

Industries that Leverages Data Science Services


Transport & Logistics


Retail & E-commerce


Banking & Finance


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