Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management : Secure Your Critical Business Information with Restricted Access

At AI Cyber Solutions, our experienced Identity & Access Management (IAM) experts permit your organization to increase the security by effectively managing authorization and privileges throughout the system while remarkably minimizing the cost and time involved.

The chief goal of our IAM is to grant access to the right user to the valuable assets of your organization from user system engagement to permission authorization and user offboarding as per the requirement to make your enterprise safety a priority. It also ensures compliance with government regulations and corporate policies. 

Identity & Access Managemen

Allow Easy Yet Safe Access with Our IAM Tools

Our experienced professionals take complete responsibility for your data security. Besides, we ensure that your operational efficiency is improved along with increased scalability and flexibility. It assists in enhancing customer service, retention, and support while significantly reducing the operational costs. 



We strive to provide you an effective cloud-based identity governance solution to allow you to have a great control over your business processes. That’s why we use SailPoint as it renders password management, provisioning, and access request services for cloud, mobile, and on-premise applications. 


IAM Consulting

Our IAM experts offer consulting services to achieve security, scalability, interoperability, and automation. Besides, we build strategic business models, industry regulations, and corporate policies along with letting your organization reduce the human intervention and increase the use of technology. 


IAM Implementation

IAM implementation services of AI Cyber Solutions aim at providing a comprehensive service with detailed planning, assessment, and design. We focus on greatly reducing your technical redundancies, mitigating inefficiencies, and improving maintenance and on-time project delivery within the stipulated budget. 


IAM Managed Services

Managed services play a significant role in establishing process optimization, improving efficiency, and ensuring compliance. We offer a vast range of IAM capabilities such as management of IAM platform, Salesforce Identity, User Identity, EMR Systems, etc. with complete monitoring on cloud, on-premise or hybrid setup.   

Various Industries that Depend on IAM Service

Public sector