Cognos Systems Analyst

Job Description

At AI Cyber Solutions, the roles of a Cognos Systems Analyst include designing, developing, maintain current custom solutions, create and support new internal solutions, and administer third-party resources. Also, the candidate should make sure that the integrity and availability of business apps, databases, and reporting environment. In simple words, the individual should ensure that the business functions run smoothly. 

Skills Required

0-2 years of Systems Analyst experience or equivalent educational background. 


Good understanding of SQL Server. 


Excellent knowledge of Table Relationships, Data Conversions, and Cognos 7,8,11. 


Ability to execute SDLC methodologies. 


Good organizational skills with a problem-solving mentality. 


Excellent decision making and communication skills. 

Tasks to be Performed

Maintain, Alter, or enhance existing custom applications. 


Implement settings related to database, configuration, and security. 


Understand business processes for inventory management, accounting, invoicing, payroll, sales, etc. 


Assist and troubleshoot custom legacy solutions, integration processes, and reports. 


Take responsibility for business continuity and disaster recovery for databases, apps, and integrations. 


Design, develop and suggest solutions by explaining database physical structures and functional abilities.