Elk Developer

Job Description

At AI Cyber Solutions, the roles of an Elk Developer include utilizing one’s programming knowledge and skills to provide viable solutions with high quality. Besides, the individual has to contribute to various software development initiatives that follow agile methodologies. The candidate should assist in developing, implementing, and operating systems in continuous integration and delivery model. 

Skills Required

0-2 years of experience in software development or equivalent educational background. 


Programming experience in any modern language such as Python. 


Ability to engineer, design, & implement the ELK platform. 


Solid understanding of the network, distributed, asynchronous, and concurrent programming. 


Good knowledge of automation tools like Ansible or Ansible Tower (5-7). 


Firm understanding of Cloud-native app development. 

Tasks to be Performed

Develop commercial applications. 


Plan, design, and execute the Elk platform. 


Perform machine learning and dashboarding. 


Design, develop, and deliver superior quality software on time. 


Contribute to the design and architecture of existing and new systems. 


Follow agile methodologies to deliver and operate systems in continuous integration.