Elk Full Stack Developer

Job Description

At AI Cyber Solutions, we expect our Elk Full Stack Developer to design and implement scalable Elk stack solutions. The candidate should manage multiple elastic stacks on-premise and the Cloud as a shared service. In simple words, the Elk stack developer should be able to demonstrate the ability to deliver end-to-end Elk solutions.  

Skills Required

0-2 years of developer experience or relevant educational qualifications. 


Good knowledge of Elastic ECE and Automation. 


Ability to efficiently manage elastic stack on-prem and cloud. 


Firm understanding of creating smart dashboards using Elk. 


Sound knowledge of query languages to write complex queries with aggregate and joins. 


Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 

Tasks to be Performed

Monitor and effectively manage multiple clusters. 


Scale cluster capacity up and down as per the requirement.


Upgrade seamlessly to the latest versions of stack. 


Alter cluster configuration and scale local storage. 


Perform data-relevant performance analysis, benchmarking, and tuning. 


Administer the delivery of Elk solutions and build APIs and apps that use Elasticsearch.