IoT Engineer

Job Description

We, at AI Cyber Solutions, is looking for someone who likes to solve challenging problems and enjoys being in a collaborative and creative environment. Your prime responsibilities include continuous improvement of IoT device frameworks, QA processes and testing, and developing exciting new functionality with dynamic IoT, computer vision, etc. 

Skills Required

1-2 years of software engineering experience or a degree/diploma in Information Technology or Computer Science. 


Good understanding of IoT architecture and principles.


Firm understanding of Node.js and JavaScript 


Exposure to MEAN stack development. 


Knowledge of process management, device management, connectivity, and Linux OS. 


Basic understanding of CSS, HTML 5, and frontend development. 

Tasks to be Performed

Build local IoT device software with monitoring, implementing, and self-healing processes. 


Develop services that interact with server-side technologies and develop MEAN stack solutions. 


Design tools to optimize and support QA and deployment. 


Analyze and solve issues related to remote deployments. 


Coordinate with other teams and management to communicate fleet health and future ideas. 


Develop core backend services.