Machine Learning Developer

Job Description

At AI Cyber Solutions, the role of a Machine Learning Developer is to verify the quality of data through data cleaning. The individual would perform tests and experiments for the machine learning model and develop an ML model as per the requirement. Besides, the candidate performs training and tuning of models and hyperparameters. 

Skills Required

0-2 years of developer experience or equivalent educational background. 


Ability to code using Java and Python. 


Sound knowledge of algorithms, probability, and statistics. 


Ability to model data, develop software, and structure data. 


Good knowledge of working in frameworks. 


Excellent oral and written communication skills. 

Tasks to be Performed

Analyze the data statistically. 


Optimize the test results. 


Develop machine learning programs. 


Train and retrain systems and work on frameworks. 


Design deep learning systems for different use cases as per the business requirement. 


Implement AI/ML algorithms according to the requirement.