Machine Learning Engineer/Machine Intelligence

Job Description

We are looking for a passionate Machine Learning Engineer who would be involved in escalating data science algorithms to large data sets. As a Machine Learning Engineer, the candidate would work closely with the machine learning scientists to understand the rules of engagement related to the data set and communicate the obtained insights to crucial stakeholders. 

Skills Required

0-2 years of machine learning experience or strong educational background in machine learning. 


Good knowledge of Python, C, or C++ development. 


Basic algorithm and data structure skills.  


Ability to learn, understand, and modify the existing large codes. 


Strong interest and background in one of the areas of machine learning such as NLP, robotics, etc. 


Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 

Tasks to be Performed

You will write elegant codes and apply innovative new technologies to human-centered processes. 


You will be a part of the team that plans and rapidly prototypes next-generation ideas. 


Be creative and generate innovative ideas. 


Interact with the technical team to define the requirement and solutions. 


Analyze and troubleshoot any technical issues along with your team. 


Update yourself with the upcoming technologies and implement the new ideas.