MuleSoft Developer

Job Description

As a MuleSoft Developer at AI Cyber Solutions, the candidate would work closely with engagement managers, architects, partners, and customers to seamlessly execute MuleSoft’s AnyPoint platform to figure out solutions for mission-critical challenges. Besides, the individual would develop and maintain integrations for various cloud and on-premise systems. The candidate should also be able to understand the business needs to successfully deploy the integrations. 

Skills Required

0-2 years of experience working in the IT industry or a degree/diploma in Computer Science or Information Technology.


Ability to troubleshoot issues and offer bug fixes.


Good understanding of communication patterns and problem-solving ability.


Basic knowledge of auditing, security, policy management, logging, and performance monitoring.


Basic level Java Development experience is preferred


Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Tasks to be Performed

Identify, study, and build interfaces and integration flows with the help of the MuleSoft platform. 


Take responsibility for coding and software development, review codes written by fellow programmers, test, document, and deploy. 


Elucidate complex problems to colleagues and management teams and provide an effective solution. 


Lead development teams in a heterogonous work environment comprising of multiple streams. 


Troubleshoot any issues and fix the bugs. 


Update the status and reporting metrics periodically and work towards on-time delivery.