Significance of AI in Security and Surveillance

Significance of AI in Security and Surveillance

AI in security and surveillance is setting a new wave in protecting ourselves as well as our organizations. Artificial intelligence indeed helps organizations in multiple ways. One of them is its role in offering security in a way that no surveillance cameras alone can give. Yes, video analytics technology can learn what is normal to identify the abnormalities. 

 Hence, one can see any potentially harmful behavior that even a human may miss. AI surveillance technology is not only used by businesses but also by the military. This shows that many countries are active in developing this technology. U.S based tech firms alone are currently supplying this technology to more than 32 countries according to a survey. 

Need for AI in Security and Surveillance 

Human attention spans up to a maximum of 20 minutes when engaged in a mundane task. Later, it starts decreasing paving the way for errors. To eliminate this, industries integrate video analytics to maximize operational efficiency. Let’s now look at some of the key advantages AI offers in security and surveillance.    

Real-Time Monitoring 

The traditional CCTV surveillance method is always reactive as it only aids when an incident occurs. Whereas, the AI in security helps with intelligent analysis of how a threat can occur. Besides, it can predict who can involve in theft while monitoring the people moving around in a retail store. It can also come up with solutions to detect unattended objects and bags in public places and airports. Hence, video analytics can help taking action before it’s too late. 

Reliable Technology Deployment 

Incorporating AI in security and surveillance offers finer face, object, and event recognition capabilities. This in turn provides real-time security that is also proactive. It helps cops in locating criminals from within a large crowd. Besides, it can pin-point high-net-worth customers from visitors in the stores. Also, it is capable of identifying a person based on their height, weight, build, etc. This eliminates the occurrence of any criminal activities thereby securing the place. 

Superior Image Processing

 Humans can’t monitor a dimly-lit area. However, the AI-based surveillance systems can highlight any abnormal behaviors or movements on the screen. It alerts the security guards instantly avoiding any major threat or loss. This is possible due to the high-quality image processing techniques involved in AI. It can sharpen a low-quality image to draw sensible information. Besides, it enables the security personnel to use even a blurred image for useful analysis. 

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Big Data Analysis 

There is a series of cameras that constantly capture beneficial security footage around many critical locations. Yet, the traditional methods do not let analysts do a sensible analysis of such large volumes of data. This is due to the requirement for special software that can work on such data to generate security alerts. Integrating this AI software helps to interpret big data qualitatively. This allows security officers to take necessary steps to safeguard people as well as valuable assets. 

Bottom Line 

Artificial Intelligence has begun to revolutionize every industry in a big way. Hence, harnessing its benefits is very important for organizations to improve efficiency and sky-rocket profits. So, contact AI Cyber Solutions immediately if you haven’t integrated AI in your organization. Better late than never! 

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