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Top 5 Trends That Determines the Future of IoT

“The IoT has the potential to change the world, just as the internet did. Maybe even more so,” says Kevin Ashton, father of the Internet of Things (IoT). In recent years, every industry is revolutionized due to the Internet of Things. There is no wonder to know that it is one of the booming technologies to rule the world.

So what is IoT? It is a system that connects all devices to the internet and other devices that are connected. Hence, the Internet of Things is a giant network of people and devices that are connected which allows data sharing within the network. In this post, let’s discuss the top 5 IoT trends that are expected to have an impact on any industry. 

Growth of IoT through Connectivity 

Connectivity is one of the remarkable trends of 2020 that helps is gathering data of every individual through connected devices. Therefore, the interrelation between people and devices results in a connected smart world which is termed Human Augmentation. The chief factor that paves the way for network improvement in sensor-based industries is data. 

When these data from every individual’s connected devices are more, the possibility of delivering customized services is high. This, in turn, lets organizations deliver great experiences to the customers, satisfy and predict their needs and behaviors. It shows that the need for value-added information creates a base for consumer IoT trends. 

Blockchain Technology 

This key technology’s simple infrastructure allows a reliable exchange of data and money between IoT devices. The combination of IoT and blockchain offers many essential features to the businesses. They complement each other by matching the Internet of Things fragmented nature with blockchain’s decentralized nature. 

This ensures security and anonymity for various networks and users. Also, after every transaction, the digital signature, passwords, and pins are secured in the IoT environment. Though the Internet of Things is designed to make lives easier, it involves considerable risks. In such a case, blockchain restricts the risks while providing tons of data. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Any technology development would be incomplete without the contribution of AI and ML. In certain extremely complex situations, the deadly combination of AI, IoT, and blockchain helps. We know that the Internet of Things deals with gathering as much data as possible. Hence, AI supports shifting to advanced data analytics. 

Internet of Things (IoT) along with artificial intelligence offers effective data management with the guidance of intelligent automation. The processes are automated with the ML algorithms to increase the accuracy and make use of the data to the fullest. This depicts that AI and ML guide IoT in making informed decisions. 

5G-Powered IoT 

5G network is expected to be deployed shortly. This will lead to an increased number of IoT devices in almost all industries. 5G and the Internet of Things are considered as the key factors for the fourth industrial revolution that is to begin. These technologies combined to establish an infrastructure for smart devices, medical equipment, and vehicles. 

This gives rise to multiple devices and users connected to the internet. Hence, the introduction 5G-powered Internet of Things leads to the development of a smart city. This includes automated vehicles, efficient healthcare operations, and profitable manufacturing industries. Completely connected intelligent devices and sensors will rule the world soon. 

IoT Security 

Although IoT showers many advantages by gathering tons of data from users, it is yet to overcome certain security challenges. It is risky to run devices because of their fragmented nature. Also, connectivity solutions such as Wi-Fi are not completely reliable. Hence, the GDPR contribute to fixing security flaws in the devices. 

Also, it compels the organizations and users to record a track of all connected devices to respond effectively to security issues. The network access control systems and mobile device management systems are expected to grow to mitigate threats. In short, it would allow monitoring the devices and data. 

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Bottom Line 

Internet of things (IoT) is going to be the game-changer in every industry-leading to digital transformations universally. Every organization would face some challenges and hence deploying IoT in advance can help you stay ahead of the risks. However, it can’t be deployed and implemented in one go, as it takes time to address the real-time challenges. Thus, you can contact AI Cyber Solutions, experienced and reliable IoT service providers in the US to get end-to-end assistance to deploy IoT in your organization. 

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