Cognos Analytics

Why Choose Cognos Analytics?

Business Intelligence is a technology being adopted widely by the businesses to analyze the data and present an actionable insight to help managers and executives make informed decisions. It offers current, historical, and predictions of business operations. 

Cognos Analytics is an on-demand BI tool that helps in designing complex reports with tables & cross-tables, layout components, list modules, and input request pages. Pixel-accurate and attractive multiple page reports are assured. The software includes various components to meet the diverse information requirements in an organization. 

Cognos Analytics Training

Career Opportunities

A Cognos Analyst draws a sum of about $65,000 for entry-level in the US but your opportunities are wide open throughout the world with an equally attractive salary package.  

Training Specifications

Alteryx-Well-curated Module

Carefully-Curated Module

Cognos Analytics-Doubt Clarifying Sessions

Doubt Clarifying Sessions

Alteryx-30 Hours Duration

8 Hours Duration

Alteryx-No Prerequisites

No Prerequisites