TensorFlow Core

Why Choose TensorFlow Core?

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, you can create anything to mimic human behavior to simplify the complex processes involved in businesses of different sectors. Digital transformation lets organizations garner great advantages. 

TensorFlow lets you develop large-scale neural networks with multiple layers especially to build models and perform classification, discovering, perception, prediction, and creation. With TensorFlow training, you will be able to make predictions about unknown data and build a model. 

TensorFlow Core Training

Career Opportunities

Learning TensorFlow is the wisest decision one can make to earn an average salary of around $100,000 per year in the US. However, AI and ML are being adopted worldwide thereby, creating more opportunities in almost all countries. 

Training Specifications

TensorFlow Core-Qualified Tutors

Qualified Tutors

PyTorch-Interactive Session

Interactive Classes

Alteryx-30 Hours Duration

10 hours Duration

Alteryx-No Prerequisites

Intermediate Skills Needed